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The Sexual Assault Crisis Center-Fox Cities, Inc.  transforms lives by providing crisis intervention, advocacy and counseling for individuals and families affected by sexual trauma and exploitation at no cost.

We are committed to addressing the diverse needs of our community by providing prevention education and raising awareness to create a safer Fox Valley.

The following confidential services are provided at no charge:

  • 24-hour hotline: 920.733.8119 or 800.722.7797
  • Advocacy during medical care
  • Advocacy during the legal processes
  • In-service training (Professionals and paraprofessionals)
  • Speakers bureau
  • Sexual abuse prevention education for schools and adult programs
  • Support groups
  • Short-term counseling

SEXUAL ASSAULT CRISIS CENTER HOTLINE 920.733.8119 or 800.722.7797
The Sexual Assault Crisis Center provides 24-hour access to advocates who are trained to support and assist victims of sexual assault or abuse. Our on-call advocates provide emotional support and crisis intervention, as well as the necessary referrals to medical, legal or mental health professionals to aide in a victim’s recovery.

Our advocates explain information and options, and then support victims in their decisions.

Victims of sexual assault or abuse often need medical care or legal guidance following a crisis situation.  A trained advocate can offer assistance and support during this difficult and confusing time.

Our advocates are able to:

  • Accompany victims to emergency rooms, hospitals and/or police stations, if the victim wishes
  • Guide victims through evidence collection and the legal process
  • Provide compassionate understanding and emotional support
  • Help to protect a victim’s rights and personal safety, as well as work to inform the victim about the legal process and to provide support during court proceedings

If you would like to know more about our advocacy programs, contact the Sexual Assault Crisis Center by 920.733.8119 or 800.722.7797.

Support groups are a way for survivors and their families to have a safe place where they can experience positive peer interaction, support, education, and share experiences and feelings as they feel comfortable. Many times, group members report feeling “less alone” and more “normal” after attending group sessions. Support Group Sessions are also a place where one can learn about the affect of sexual abuse, healthy vs. unhealthy coping mechanisms, shame and anger, grief, and putting blame where it belongs. All services, including support groups, are provided at no cost to clients and are completely confidential.

The following groups are offered during the year:

Women’s Support Group
 Elementary Co-ed Support Group
 Pre-Adolescent Girls’ Support Group
 Pre-Adolescent Boys’ Support Group
 Adolescent Girls’ Support Group
 Non-Offending Parents’ and Family Members’ Support Group
 Men’s Support Group
 Adolescent Boys’ Support Group
 Women’s AfterCare Support Groups

Pre-registration is required. All groups are pending based on client interest and participation. Membership is on a first-come, first-served basis. Group size is limited.

An appointment with the Group Coordinator prior to the first night of group is required.

If you would like to know more about our support groups, contact the Sexual Assault Crisis Center by calling 920.733.8119 or 800.722.7797.

The Center offers counseling to those affected by sexual assault or abuse with one of our professional therapists.  During counseling, our therapists help survivors to understand and cope with the difficult feelings, thoughts and reactions they may experience.  Counseling can also help survivors recover a sense of safety and self-esteem.

Counseling is also encouraged for loved ones to help them understand their own reactions and how they can best help survivors.

We do not charge fees for any of our counseling services.

If you would like to know more about our short term counseling, contact the Sexual Assault Crisis Center by calling 920.733.8119 or 800.722.7797.

One of the most effective ways of dealing with sexual assault or abuse is by raising public awareness. The Sexual Assault Crisis Center is committed to sponsoring educational programs at all levels in our community.

For additional information, to request a presentation or invite us to share more information with your group, please contact the Sexual Assault Crisis Center at 920.733.8119 or 800.722.7797.

Prevention Education
The Sexual Assault Crisis Center has a dedicated staff member(s) committed to conducting prevention education programs at all levels in our school and the community. In July of 1985, the state of Wisconsin mandated that school boards educate students and staff on sexual abuse prevention. The Center has conducted sexual abuse prevention education in schools for Outagamie and Calumet with great success, educating over 16,000 youth annually. Age appropriate presentations from PreK through high school provide students with information about personal safety, assertiveness, unsafe touches, sexual harassment, cyber bullying, sexting, and bystander skills. These programs are built into the safety programs already in schools and focus on safety empowering children with the necessary skills to trust their instincts and seek trusted adults when needed. Parents are the primary educators of their children and research indicates talking with their child(ren) about sexual abuse may reduce their vulnerability. Yet less than 30% of parents have these conversations with their children. To address this issues, the Center offers adult education, such as Darkness to Light, which focuses on educating parents on characteristics of offenders and warning signs of a child that may have been (or is being) abused.

Community Outreach
Preventing child sexual abuse is a shared responsibility and everyone can play a part in ending it. The consequences to the community are many if we do not act. We reach out to the community through:

    • community health fairs
    • corporate “lunch and learns”
    • college campus education
    • city-wide events
    • educating faith leaders about sexual abuse
    • education programs for UW Fox Valley Family Medicine Residency Program
    • programs for the developmentally disabled population
    • education programs for nursing staff on sexual abuse
    • education programs on sexual violence and the LGBT community

An important part of creating a safe and healthy community includes collaboration with other youth-serving agencies and organizations within the Fox Valley, such as: Harbor House Domestic Abuse Shelter, Voices of Men – Fox Cities, Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Shelter and Reach Counseling Services. By working together we reduce the strain on resources – both human and financial. We ask every community member to help by being active in your community, support local programs doing this type of work, and help by educating yourself on the issue. Want to learn more? Call the Center and invite a staff member to visit your group, school or business.