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Support Groups

Support groups are a way for survivors and their families to have a safe place where they can experience positive peer interaction, support, education, and share experiences and feelings as they feel comfortable. Many times, group members report feeling “less alone” and more “normal” after attending group sessions. Support Group Sessions are also a place where one can learn about the affect of sexual abuse, healthy vs. unhealthy coping mechanisms, shame and anger, grief, and putting blame where it belongs. All services, including support groups, are provided at no cost to clients and are completely confidential.

The following groups are offered during the year:

• Women’s Support Group
• Elementary Co-ed Support Group
• Pre-Adolescent Girls’ Support Group
• Pre-Adolescent Boys’ Support Group
• Adolescent Girls’ Support Group
• Non-Offending Parents’ and Family Members’ Support Group
• Men’s Support Group
• Adolescent Boys’ Support Group
• Women’s AfterCare Support Groups

Pre-registration is required. All groups are pending based on client interest and participation. Membership is on a first-come, first-served basis. Group size is limited.

An appointment with the Group Coordinator prior to the first night of group is required.

If you would like to know more about our support groups, contact the Sexual Assault Crisis Center by calling 920.733.8119 or 800.722.7797.